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Welcome to GBM Glass & Mirror Inc., where innovation meets quality. We specialize in a diverse range of glass products, including options like tempered and insulating. What sets us apart is our expertise in laminated and smart glass, offering unique choices and options for our customers. Each product is customizable to meet your specific needs, ensuring perfect integration into any residential or commercial space. Trust us to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge solutions that enhance and revitalize your environment. Discover the perfect glass solution with us.

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Smart Glass


Smart glass or switchable glass  is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered using technological means.

Laminated Glass

laminated glass

Laminated glass is safety glass with a plastic interlayer between glass sheets, providing increased strength and preventing shattering.

Tempered Glass

tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength in comparison to regular glass.

Insulating Glass

insulating glass

Insulating Glass (also refeered as Thermal Glass) refers to two or more piece of glass sealed around the edges with an air space between to form a single unit.


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Susie D
Susie D
Michael and his crew were awesome. We had shower glass installed and they did an amazing job. Would definitely recommend them.
Hans Bauer
Hans Bauer
Beeindruckend! Was soll ich sonst noch sagen außer Wow? Dieser Ort ist unglaublich. Ich habe Glas bestellt und es ist mir gelungen, sehr gut mit ihnen über die Übersetzung zu kommunizieren. 10/10 Ich würde wiederkommen.
Zheng Phoebe
Zheng Phoebe
Everything was impeccable! The glass was perfect, installed perfectly on-time, high-quality, everything was perfect. Would recommend!!!
Helen Zeng
Helen Zeng
From quotation to installation, fantastic service! high quality of products and work. I ordered laminated glass shower door, it was installed on time, my bathroom was spotless after installation, very much appreciated!
cindy chen
cindy chen
服务很好 问报价的时候 给了多种方案选择 楼梯完成后的效果也很满意 师傅很细心 价格也合适
Yopi Chen
Yopi Chen
This company is amazing! We ordered a glass door, specifically laminated glass and it came way better than we expected. The delivery was fast; it came a lot earlier than we thought it would. The glass came perfectly; was completely straight and fit perfectly in our frame. It was manufactured totally smooth & crystal clear, too. Customer service & staff were nice. The front desk lady is very professional at her job. Honestly, I'd rather go here than to any other place in all of Ontario. I've went to other places, and some had high quality, some had low, but none of them even came close to topping this small business. Would recommend for all needs glass.